OpenGrowth Capital is a venture incubation company helping entrepreneurs build amazing companies. We take a thoughtful, focused approach to Venture incubation -- developing each venture with great detail and care, thereby amplifying the chances of success and impact. Our ventures are done in true partnership with entrepreneurs, where we bring our entrepreneurial and capital resources to the mix. We prefer to work with entrepreneurs who are passionate about technology, and are keen to build amazing products.

We firmly believe that good businesses get built when you start with a winning product. Sales, marketing, operations, partnerships while are critical ingredients to venture success; they follow the incubation process in Phase 2. First and foremost, we need to conceive and build an amazing product. So, our incubation focus is precisely about building a great product for a great market. Helping ensure a strong product market fit; identifying markets that others are not yet seeing, and defining a product strategy that supports building a winning product.

Few of our sample ventures include: WhoWhere?, eGain, Metricstream, Regalix, Kratos, Learnstreet, Design Everest, Second Lounge, DesignHub, and others.

We are selective in what we get involved with. But, once we are committed, we stay focused on it for a long periods of time, to ensure successful venture incubation and launch.

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