Since 1996, Whowhere has been the premier people search and yellow pages search engine, helping our users find the people or businesses they are looking for.
eGain (NASDAQ: EGAN) is the leading provider of cloud customer engagement hub software. For over a decade, eGain solutions have helped improve customer experience, optimize service process and grow sales—across the web, social, and phone channels.
MetricStream is the market leader in enterprise Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) and Quality Management software, content, and consulting. MetricStream enterprise solutions are used by leading corporations in diverse industries such as financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, food and beverages to manage their risk management programs, quality processes, regulatory and industry-mandated compliance and corporate governance initiatives.
Regalix is in the business of improving your business in the digital world. From providing market intelligence, to formulating campaigns, involving search, social, mobile, content, multi-channel campaigns, technology development and analytics – they go the whole nine yards to bring new ideas to life.
Sea6 Energy is developing technology to grow and convert seaweeds into biofuel. Sea6 Energy envisions a future where the abundant oceans will be our energy farms of tomorrow.
LearnStreet is a company that provides an online education website for computer programmers. LearnStreet's philosophy includes the idea that a person's coding skills from school and university does not match very well with the professional skills needed for employment in the software industry
Project Kratos is a stealth-mode startup aiming to reverse the flow of personal user data to the cloud, end an insecure chapter in the history of digital technology and put users in control of their data. We are designing a hardware and software appliance sitting at the junction of user's personal digital universe and the open Internet which helps users manage their life's data intuitively.
Design Everest is a leading supplier of engineering and design services for residential and commercial construction, dedicated to providing high-quality engineering services with project delivery on schedule and within budget. Whether working for the owner, contractor, developer, or investor, our goal is to deliver excellent engineering.

The Design Hub is a comprehensive Infrastructure Information Management Platform for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction space.It gives you a customizable project management platform, where you can not only manage your own teams but track a project across the horizontal and vertical chain by seamlessly integrating various platforms in one. It also provides you a network of curated AEC professionals at your fingertips to reach out to at any time and find that support to take your business to the next level.
Second Lounge, Inc. is an entrepreneurial start-up incorporated on June 21, 2016, to rapidly develop scalable business ventures that provide online structural engineering and architecture services. Second Lounge is founded with plans to expand into multiple areas in the engineering services market space through multiple subsidiaries. As part of the vision, Second Lounge acquired Design Everest, Inc. in 2016, for providing engineering and design services for residential and commercial construction. The vision is to quickly expand Design Everest’s footprint into all fifty states of the United States over the next couple of years and eventually move into provision of other engineering services to be offered through multiple other subsidiaries. Design Everest Inc. currently works with a team of over twenty-five licensed engineers. We utilize our technical expertise and practical construction experience to provide a solutions-oriented approach to each project.

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